How my creative space changed things for me as an artist

When I first turned to art as a sort of therapy nearly a decade ago, I started at the kitchen table and didn’t really have space to do anything. I was constantly having to work around the family, and found that tidying up after every session felt very heavy, and dulled my urge to be creative.

When we moved house, I was so excited to get my own dedicated room for creativity. It was tiny (literally about the width of a desk) but it was mine!

Eventually my artworks grew, and I started to outgrow the space… but it took me ages to commit to a proper studio.

Initially, I had some feelings of guilt around having a space that’s just for me, not the family. I had to shift my mindset to allow me to put my creativity first. I knew I had to take that leap of faith, otherwise I was just going to be stuck at that size room and that size business.

Now I wish I’d done it sooner!

Top priorities while setting up my studio

When I set up my studio, my main goal was more space. My process is quite slow because I have to wait for things to dry, so it was important for me to have enough room to not be constantly tidying up. I even have my ironing board out all the time!

I also wanted to have everything to hand, including all my threads in my organiser on the wall.

The key things I couldn’t live without

My massive desk is probably the most important, because it gives me so much surface space that I can have more than one project going on at a time – like a messy area at one end, and my sewing machine at the other. The huge windows are also really important, because they offer so much natural light that I need while I’m working. 

I’m always thinking about ideas for my work, so the noticeboards offer constant revolving inspiration, and they help keep me focused.

And I have to say, I love my trolleys. Anything on wheels is really useful for a studio – the more, the better! I’m always moving things around to suit me, whether I’m pushing something out the way or pulling it towards me when I need something.

Why everything needs a place

Everything in my studio has a specific purpose. I don’t want to overfill the area, because I want to keep that feeling of space. That’s why I routinely sort through the drawers and get rid of things I don’t need before they get to bursting point!

I can let myself get messy because I know everything has a place. This helps me feel calmer (and more productive).

I like to go foraging and finding things in nature, but I never knew where to store them until I put my print tray up on the wall. I fill it with both textile-orientated things (like old thread reels) and natural finds (like cones and shells) that I find inspiring. When I go out, I’m always on the hunt for treasures to display in the evolving print tray.

My studio has really changed things for me as an artist because I can now create much bigger artworks than I ever could before. And I’ve got the space and freedom to truly enjoy creative play and embrace my creativity.

To view all my available artworks see my gallery page

Feeling inspired to get creative?

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