Studio Diaries – Painting ‘Tranquillity’ My largest Painting Yet

At the start of each year I sit and plan my working year, book shows, plan my creative and business goals. One of my biggest goals for this year was to paint and embroider a large-scale painting. I have been asked a few times by customers that they would love to buy a larger painting from me, I knew it was time to push myself to do this.

The inspiration is from an evening sitting on the beach with my family, when the sea was incredibly calm with almost no waves, a very gentle breeze and an intense sunset. The heat of the sun going down seemed to touch everything.  

To recreate the intense colours I knew I needed to create depth. I worked layer after layer into the painting so when you study the artwork you will see subtle details, colours and patterns from the layers beneath, creating that softness of detail within the layers of painting. Even though the colours are intense it still creates that sense of calm and tranquillity because the details are very subtle.

Adding layers to the painting

Many of the beaches outside of Brighton still have many wildflowers, sea plants and grasses growing wild between the pebbles. I have used some of these dried plants and seed head to mono print into the artwork, it is a very organic process and I do hold my breath when I do it, because you never really know how it’s going to turn out!  I love mono printing into my work because nature is a very important aspect to my work, and I love that it creates that gentle imprint. It adds to the layering, pushing the patterns and shapes of the lower layering into the background, creating more depth to lose yourself into!

Mono printing process

You can view my painting at the up and coming events, see my exhibition page

Or if you would like to view any of my painting privately, or if you would like to commission a painting  to work for your home / office please contact me

‘Tranquillity’ Original Painting 59cm x 110cm plus mount and framing

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